Pierre Lévy

September 19th,
21h 30min. CEST
In this conversation will participate lacasinegra [ http://lacasinegra.com ] and Domenico Di Siena [ http://urbanohumano.org/ ]


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Pierre Lévy is a philosopher who devoted his professional life to the understanding of the cultural and cognitive implications of the digital technologies, to promote their best social uses and to study the phenomenon of human collective intelligence. He has written a dozen of books on this subject that have been translated in more than 12 languages and are studied in many universities all over the world. He currently teaches at the communication department of the University of Ottawa (Canada), where he holds a Canada Research Chair in Collective Intelligence. Pierre Lévy is fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and received several awards and academic distinctions.

Born in 1956 in Tunisia.
Master degree in history of science (Paris, France, Sorbonne, 1980).
PhD in sociology (Paris, EHESS, 1983).
Researcher at the CREA (École polytechnique, Paris, France) about history of cybernetics, artificial intelligence and artificial life, 1983-1986.
Visiting professor at the University of Quebec in Montréal (Canada), communication department, 1987-1989. Teaching the use of computers in communication.
Professor in educational sciences at the University of Paris-Nanterre (France), 1990-1992. Teaching educational technologies and cognitive psychology.
PhD in information and communication sciences (Grenoble, France, 1991).
Co-founder and researcher at the Neurope Lab (Geneva, Switzerland). Researches on the economy and technology of the «knowledge age», 1991-1995.
Member of a think-tank for a special project concerning open and distance learning commanded by the french prime minister Edith Cresson (1992-1994).
Co-inventor of the «knowledge tree», a software system for the mapping, assessement and exchange of knowledge in communities and companies. Founder of the software company Trivium SA (Paris)
Full Professor at the «hypermedia» department of the University of Paris-St Denis (France) from 1993 to 1998.
Member of the editorial board of the «revue virtuelle» of the Pompidou Center (Paris, France) from 1995 to 1997.
Author of a report on cyberculture for the Council of Europe (1996)
Author of a report on cyberdemocracy and european governance for the European Commission (2000)
Professor of “Cyberculture and social communication” at the University of Quebec, Canada (Dept of social communication, UQTR), from 1998 to 2001
Canada Research Chair in Collective Intelligence and professor in Communication at the University of Ottawa since 2002.

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