Can we still talk about collective intelligence? Is there anything like a digital democracy? Are we all really equal for the cyberspace laws? These are just a few of the questions that you always wanted to make about the new media technologies and you never dare to ask. Or that they didn’t find a place to be answered.

A Conversation is an original idea and production by OPEN THIS END and directed and designed by lacasinegra with the help as Community Partner and consultant of the Platform Think Commons for the creation of an active discussion with the most relevant thinkers about the new media technology. Running away from the classic knowledge workflows of the vertical structures, A Conversation is a space for the open, dynamic and participative thinking.

To create a common space for knowledge that comes from an horizontal and opened spirit is necessary to use tools that are reachable for everybody and ease to the maximum the dialectic exchange. This is why the project is not going to be limitated to one direction conferences between the expert and the audience but will push the dialogue putting together for the participants all the necessary tools so they can participate actively in the conversation.

A Conversation is presented as a website where we will post all the detailed information about the experts invited (biography, bibliography, publications, etc…) aswell as material to complete the information (video, images and sound).

The conversation will be accesible through a Live Streaming (Google Hangout) that will be embedded in the web page together with a Chat room and a Twitter widget to make the audience participate in the discussion and track it while it is having place.

All this events will create an open archive in the website that will try to create a mosaic with some of the most interesant themes in the contemporary debate about new media technology and about how is the knowledge transmission changing with the appearance of the information technologies.